With His Decades-Long One-Sided Feud With Keanu Finally Settled, Matthew Perry Is Now Coming For… Salma Hayek?

After already landing him in hot water with a passage about how he wished Keanu Reeves had died instead of River Phoenix, Matthew Perry‘s book is back with another not so great anecdote about another celebrity: Salma Hayek. With his fame rocketing from his role on Friends, Perry starred in the 1997 romantic comedy, Fools Rush In, alongside Hayek. However, Perry was not a huge fan of her acting advice.

Here’s what Perry wrote in his upcoming memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, via Entertainment Weekly:

Perry goes on to say that Hayek always had a “very elaborate and lengthy idea” about how to tackle the scene at hand, but “her long-winded ideas weren’t always helpful.” He writes, “There’s one scene in which I’m professing my love for her. She suggested that we don’t look at each other — rather, we should look out at our future together. After listening to this nonsense for about twenty minutes, I finally said: ‘Listen, Salma,’ I said, ‘I’m telling you I love you in this scene. You look wherever you want, but I’m going to be looking at you.'”

Obviously, Perry’s anecdote about Hayek is nowhere near as bad as his remarks about Keanu Reeves. But it is another exciting installment in “Which Famous Celebrity Does Matthew Perry Have an Issue With Now?” The book isn’t even out yet and so far Perry has taken shots at Reeves, Hayek, and Valerie Bertinelli. Could he be any more of a tea spiller?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)