What Is The Meaning Behind 'Felina', The Title Of The Final Episode Of 'Breaking Bad'?

The series finale of Breaking Bad is September 29, and as Danger has already written, that’s going to be one murderous night of television for your DVRs. What we know about the finale from Vince Gilligan — who wrote and directed the episode — is that it will be “polarizing,” and from Dean Norris, we know that it ends “properly.” We also know that Bob Odenkirk has no idea what’s going to happen in the finale because, after he read his lines in the script, he threw it in the trash so he wouldn’t be spoiled to the ending of his own show.

We also know that the title of the Breaking Bad finale is “Felina.” What does it mean? Well, the pretty straightforward version is that “Felina” is an anagram for “finale.” Makes sense, right? It’s perfect. Simple, clever, fun.

But this is the Internet. The Internet has some theories. We like to make things complicated, and find meaning where maybe there is none. Because it’s fun. So, what else could “Felina” mean?

“Felina” is also the feminine version of the word “feline” in Spanish. What the hell does that have to do with Breaking Bad? Who knows, but this week’s episode about Jesse transforming into the series wild card was “rabid dog,” and the episode in which we discover that Gale is an issue for Walt and Jesse was “problem dog,” so the feline could actually refer to a character. OR, maybe the feline refers to the Hello Kitty phone that Jesse got from Saul.

No? Slate also has some theories, mostly of the very silly variety (a reference to a female wrestler, a Pokemon character, or a Filipino TV show (all of which are classified under Wikipedia’s entry for Felina.)

It is also a brand of female underwear, which you can buy at Nordstroms. Maybe Skyler is gonna get sexy in the finale for Walt?

I’m guessing it is not that.

However, besides the simple explanation — that it’s an anagram for finale — my very favorite theory comes from Reddit, where they break the word down into its chemical elements:

Fe-Li-Na = Iron-Lithium-Sodium = Blood-Meth-Tears.

How awesome is that? Iron is the dominant chemical in blood, Lithium is the most commonly used metal in the manufacture of methamphetamine, and sodium — or salt — is a major element in tears.

Even if that’s completely by accident, it is a very, very cool coincidence.