Meet Jillian Jensen, The 'X-Factor' Contestant Who Made Everybody Cry

09.13.12 38 Comments

The second season of X-Factor debuted last night, which was notable mainly because it gave America its first peek at “Britney Spears: Singin’ Judge.” Buzzfeed has a comprehensive GIF rundown of the various face-related things she did during the auditions (including Thinking Britney, Waving Britney, Clapping Britney, and, uh, Even More Clapping Britney), but once things got underway the real showstopper was 19-year-old Jillian Jensen, who told a very personal story about being bullied before performing her song and making everybody cry a lot, including Simon. It’s cute, and it’s a nice story, and it’s a … uh … [lower lip begins to tremble] … a … SHUT UP YOU’RE CRYING I LIKE SPORTS FEELINGS ARE STUPID.

[clears throat, collects self]

Anyway, for those of you keeping score at home in your OMG BRITNEY VS. XTINA game programs, Christina’s singing show (The Voice) whupped Britney’s in the ratings by over 3 million viewers last night, which — besides bringing the score to Britney 500, Christina 11 — gives me a pretty great excuse to post this GIF:

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