Meet The Woman Whose QQQ-Sized Boobs Glow In The Dark

The latest sideshow act in the freakshow that is TLC and it’s signature program My Strange Addiction is Lacey Wildd. Lacey’s addiction is plastic surgery, specifically breast enhancement surgeries. She’s 44. Over the last two decades, she’s spent $250,000 to look like a life-sized Barbie doll that’s been left under a heat lamp. She’s had over 30 plastic surgeries, all in an effort to get the most extreme body in the world. SHE EVEN HAS A SURGICALLY IMPLANTED CORSET MADE FROM PIG SKIN.

But wait! She’s not done: She plans to go under the knife again to double the size of her breast to QQQ, which is basically like sticking a medicine ball into each breast. Her breasts are so large that she can’t lie on her back without feeling like she’s about to suffocate. Her daughter cannot hug her without fear of being crushed between two boulders. In fact, Lacey has had so many breast augmentation surgeries that her breast GLOW IN THE DARK.

Check it out in the clip below, via Hitfix.

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