Meg Ryan Is Your New Bob Saget In ‘How I Met Your Dad’

Just as soon as you were getting over the hotly debated finale for How I Met Your Mother, CBS decides to remind you that they’re going to do it all again with How I Met Your Dad. We talked about how Greta Gerwig will play our new version of Ted, but now we know that Bob Saget’s shoes will be filled by none other than Meg Ryan. From Entertainment Weekly:

The actress has landed the unseen vocal role in the How I Met Your Dad pilot, which is considered an obvious front-runner for a series order for CBS’ schedule next season. She’ll supply the voice of “future Sally” (played during the series in flashback by Greta Gerwig), the same way Bob Saget supplied the voice for future Ted in HIMYM. Like Saget, her character will never be seen.

And why won’t she be seen? I’m going to speculate that it is the result of horrible disfigurement due to a horse birthing accident. I might tune in for that very special episode.

The sure thing here is that Bob Saget is probably furious. I’m sure they could’ve thrown a twist in the formula where the main character is revealed to be undergoing gender re-assignment and used him again. Being a cheapskate, I know that’s what I would’ve tried to do if they let me be a sleazy producer for CBS. All faded dreams now though. Dust in the wind.

(Via EW)