Key And Peele Tell Jimmy Kimmel About Method Man’s Supernatural Experience With His Dead Grandma

Key and Peele will live a long life as a prolific sketch comedy show thanks to its evergreen satire and sharp premises that will be relevant for as long as there is humor in the universe. Like sketch comedy darlings/legends Monty Python and Mr. Show, Key and Peele will also be remembered for going out on top, when everyone wanted more. With their upcoming kitty-action/adventure Keanu set to hit theaters, Key and Peele went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the emotional ending of their show, that really shouldn’t have been emotional.

Long story short, the duo started production on Keanu almost immediately after ending Key and Peele, so there was no reason to feel like the split was ever permanent.

The most important takeaway from Peele and Key’s (I decided to change it up) appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live is the story about going on a New Orleans ghost tour with Method Man, who not only was interested in the goth pirate tour guide’s stories, but had some serious supernatural experiences himself.

Now we know that Method Man experienced his grandmother’s ghost walk across his heart while staring into a bathroom mirror, and that’s probably the most important information you’ll learn today.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)