The Many ‘Key And Peele’ Sketches Everyone Should Have Seen By Now

If you’re not familiar with Key and Peele by now, what the hell’s the matter with you? The genius sketch comedians have had their own show on Comedy Central since 2012, and were previously on MadTV together. They’re style of sketch writing perfectly encapsulates “game,” so much so that as a sketch student at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC we’re taught to follow game moves and heightening by watching their sketches and noting how perfectly written they are. With season four debuting on September 24th let’s take a look at ten Key and Peele sketches we should have all memorized by now. Please share your candidates in the discussion.

1. Dueling Hats

A duel starts when two friends need to have fresher hats than each other, and turns into absolute absurdity when they start wearing hats still in a display case, and finally with a woman sewing a hat while sitting on top of Peele’s head.

2. Mafia Hit

Have you ever wondered what could happen if a surprise birthday party went completely wrong? Well let this sketch show you.

3. Proud Thug

This sketch perfectly encapsulates anyone whose own life is less important to them than the proud image they portray.

4. Liam Neesons

[protected-iframe id=”11e55127051ec7451bc06d28c11b49a0-60970621-60075864″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]


Key and Peele showcase how changing the way people pronounce a word can make for great comedy. Case in point: two over-enthusiastic valet workers calling Liam Neeson, Liam Neesons.

5. Pizza Order

This sketch perfectly depicts the lengths people will go to to order more food than necessary from the privacy of their home. We can all relate, because the guy ordering pizza is us after all. The twist being that the guy taking your pizza order can be just as weird about the exchange as we all are.

6. Auction Block

Key and Peele go into uncharted territory when they showcase the dialogue happening between two slaves up for auction, who no one wants to bid on.

7. Substitute Teacher

Another example of Key and Peele mispronouncing words, except these are every day names like Jacklyn, and Blake.

8. Obama- The College Years

Peele’s Obama impression is spot on in this sketch about a college-era, weed smoking Barack Obama.

9. I Said B*tch

A great example of Key and Peele making fun of typical male ego. The lengths these two characters go to to prove how tough they are(n’t) is absolutely absurd, and absolutely brilliant.

10. East/West College Bowl

Key and Peele are at their best with this recurring list sketch, which captures something we’ve all thought while watching a football game, where did these names come from?