How Does Michael Caine Fare When Tackling His Very Own Michael Caine Impression?

Stephen Colbert interviewed Jaws The Revenge star Michael Caine on Friday, and to hype up the meeting The Late Show put out this video of Michael Caine doing his best, nearly perfect, almost identical impression of one Michael Caine. You likely remember the scene from The Trip featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon where each does their best impression of Caine, attempting to one up the other with their Caine-isms.

Now it is the genuine article’s turn and the results? Not bad. He could smile a bit. Maybe get a little bit of energy into the entire showcase. I don’t really feel like he’s lecturing me about “blowing the bloody doors off,” but instead he’s just kinda reading the lines. I do like how he goes to A Bridge Too Far and Hannah And Her Sisters as his filmography. I’d likely lean more towards The Man Who Would Be King or Zulu for his war films, Get Carter is also a good one. Muppet Christmas Carol, maybe? Screw Hannah, though, and all of her sisters.

Later in the interview, Caine talked a bit about his new film Youth and his own thoughts on aging. As part of it, he dropped a great line about what he thinks about getting older:

“He said, ‘How do you feel about getting older?’ I said, Well considering the alternative, fantastic.”

Perfect. He also talked a bit about what it is like being a knight for the Queen, laughing at the idea of her telling him to do anything. I’d likely just hang out with her Corgis if I were a knight. That’s the way to live.

(Via The Late Show)