Michael Caine Once Smoked A Joint And Learned A Hilarious, Yet Undignified Lesson

When you think of cinema legend Michael Caine, you think of a lot of things, from The Italian Job to Batman Begins and everything in between. What you don’t think of, though, is marijuana. Michael Caine is too cool to be associated with such things, but it turns out he actually had a weed encounter once upon a time.

During a recent appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Caine was asked about his now-defunct smoking habit, which apparently included both cigars and chain-smoking cigarettes at parties. According to Caine, his tobacco-smoking habit came to an end when fellow legend Tony Curtis literally threw his cigarettes into a fire and told him to stop:

“He said to me ‘You’re gonna die. Stop smoking.’ And I stopped smoking cigarettes.”

When Ross pushed Caine to talk about whatever experience he had with marijuana, Caine described his first experience with the drug. Apparently, it involved a lot of laughing, and led to a decision that he’d never try weed again. Why? Well…apparently the culprit is excessive laughing:

“I smoked marijuana once, and I laughed for five hours. I nearly got a hernia. I was at a party, and it was one o’clock in the morning, and I was trying to get a ride from Mayfair to Notting Hill Gate, where my flat was. And I was standing on the street corner, on my own, at one o’clock in the morning, roaring with laughter, trying to get a cab. So I had to walk home, and I thought ‘I’m never smoking one of them again.’ And I never did.”

Certainly one way to kick a habit, or never start one.

(Via The Jonathan Ross Show)