Michael K. Williams Thinks HBO Should Renew ‘The Night Of’ For A Second Season

Michael K. Williams has been a fixture of HBO’s line up for years now, having been a cornerstone of shows like The Wire and Boardwalk Empire. He most recently appeared in the network’s summer sleeper The Night Of, a series that managed to garner tons of fan conversation, critical buzz, and significant awards notice. While it was originally planned as a limited series, HBO has been pondering a second season, considering the attention that series received. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Williams thinks they would be fools not to, but acknowledges that the focus on quality over quantity remains at the heart of the production.

“HBO would be deaf, dumb, and stupid to not want to do another season of this. However, from what I gather from [creators] Richard Price and Steven Zaillian, there is no amount of money that you can just throw at them to piece together a shabby excuse for a season 2 of what we created. If it didn’t fit, it ain’t happening.”

True Detective could be used as precedent for HBO deciding to order a second season of an intended miniseries, but it could also be used as a deterrent, as it was definitely a “shabby excuse” of a followup. Still, given the right material, a continuation of The Night Of could be a success. Plus, breakout star Riz Ahmed has gotten that Star Wars boost from Rogue One, which could bring in a whole host of new viewers.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)