The Mug Is A Lie Because Michael Scott Was A Terrible Boss

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08.16.15 9 Comments

Steve Carell became a household name thanks to his wildly popular Michael Scott on The Office. But while he may have been a fan-favorite and often had good intentions, Michael Scott was a terrible boss. Whether he was sparring with HR, indiscreetly dating a superior, or being just plain mean at Christmas parties, Scott didn’t often display the leadership skills needed to successfully manage an office. Sure, these blunders were cringingly hilarious on-screen, but they would be a nightmare in an actual workplace.

Michael fancies himself an excellent boss and leader, but he couldn’t be more mistaken. He lacks the tact and the rationality required to be a great boss, but no one would watch a comedy about a good boss. No, part of what makes The Office great is Michael’s constant, outrageous failure.

Diversity Day

If you want to see a hilarious portrayal of white privilege and how not to handle it, watch Michael blunder through Dunder Mifflin’s diversity training. Hey, Larry Wilmore!

Fake Firing

Michael fancies himself a student of comedy, so he thinks that it would be hilarious to emulate The Jamie Kennedy Experience and fake-fire his employees. In the pilot episode, he tries this prank out on Pam, with heartbreaking results. You would think that he would have learned his lesson the first time, but he whips out this winner again, this time with Stanley as his victim. It does not go well. At all.

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