Michelle Obama Wrote ‘Black-ish’ Star Yara Shahidi’s College Letter Of Recommendation

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College applications are basically the worst things in the world. Anyone who had to write multiple essays, take standardized tests, and go on a dozen college visits trying to figure out where they would best fit in before even knowing which universities want you to come there at all. That process must be even more frustrating for professional actors and actresses, as while they are going through the rigamarole of sending in applications they are also considering how to fit school in with ongoing projects or if it’s better to take a few years off to focus completely on school.

For Yara Shahidi, star of Black-ish and young activist, her college application process got a lot less stressful because of former First Lady Michelle Obama herself. Obama, who has pivoted seamlessly into a post-White House life, wrote Shahidi a letter of recommendation as revealed in a recent W magazine interview with the young star. Not only that, but she also gave Shahidi a back rub before she went to take her AP exams. It goes without saying that a supportive back rub from the First Lady herself would have probably given lots of people a boost on their exams.

It would have been hard for any universities to look at Shahidi’s impressive resume and turn her down to begin with, but with a recommendation letter from MO, of all people, it’s hard to believe any college could even let rejecting her application even cross their mind.

(via W)