Watch Michelle Rodriguez Eat A Mouse Boiled In Her Own Urine By Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls and his second season of Running Wild promise to humiliate a new crop of celebrities in the interest of “roughing it.” After coaxing Kate Winslet to reenact the Titanic pose, Grylls was ready for a new victim. He one-upped his clever plan of prodding Channing Tatum to scarf some ants, and Michelle Rodriguez was the lucky subject of this upcoming episode.

In this clip, a very tired-looking Rodriguez is seen staggering through Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park. She fetches a container of her own urine for Grylls, who commented, “I can smell that from here.” Rodriguez cheerfully chirped, “Sorry, dude. Dehydrated.” The two got down to business boiling a mouse (that reportedly tastes like chicken) in the urine, which settled into a nice “broth” after the cooking process.

Grylls assured Rodriguez that it’s perfectly safe to drink one’s own pee, as the boiling process eliminates most bacteria. Rodriguez was pretty grossed out by the process, but she still remarked, “I’m kinda happy it’s my p*ss and not yours.” Grylls was not grossed out at all, but this is a guy who stuffed an engagement ring in his crack, so no surprises there.

Rodriguez harbored no ill will over the incident. She tweeted some love to her “Rock.”