Michonne Fans Are Absolutely Furious About Rick’s New Love Interest On ‘The Walking Dead’

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, a clean-shaven, slightly tipsy Rick Grimes made a pass at one of Alexandria’s residents, Jessie Anderson (played by Alexandra Breckenridge). It was actually more than a pass; he kissed her on the cheek, and strongly insinuated that he wanted to get into her pants while subtly hinting to the audience that he may be willing to bump off Jessie’s husband, if necessary.

This turn of events did not go over so well in some circles of the internet because, unbeknownst to many of us, there’s a very strong, very dedicated, very passionate, and perhaps delusional subsection of the internet that believes Rick and Michonne belong together. Basically, that subsection of the internet FLIPPED their sh*t over the Jessie kiss. The riot that ensued on Tumblr nearly killed Daryl, which would’ve led to a second riot, and the internet probably would’ve melted down.

Thankfully, the 140 character count limit on Twitter allowed those on either side of the #Richonne debate to share their thoughts in a well-mannered and succinctly. (I’m kidding. They lost their sh*t, too.)

Here’s a taste:


If you want to see the real Richonne devotees, check out Tumblr.