‘Midnight Mass’ Viewers Are Voicing A Lot Of Love For The Mike Flanagan Masterpiece After An Emmys Snub

The Emmy nominations churned out a few pleasant surprises, including Rhea Seehorn and the Pam & Tommy gang not being snubbed, but inevitably, snubbing was bound to happen. Those omissions include The Righteous Gemstones cast and some key Stranger Things players, but arguably, there’s an even more egregious sin at work here: Midnight Mass got the shaft.

The Netflix limited series stands at the apex of Mike Flanagan’s work in the horror genre. It’s an entertaining and visually lush show, and it’s also a scathing critique of how faith can corrupt, and how a willfully blind adherence to religion can drive people toward embracing acts of cruelty. The show’s also a meditation on addiction (partially represented as vampirism), and it’s filled with powerhouse performances including Hamish Linklater as the show’s incoming priest who’s got a lot going on within those robes. Following Flanagan’s work on The Haunting Of Hill House franchise, Midnight Mass rocketed so fast up the streaming charts that Netflix greenlit a followup, but somehow, the Emmys simply does not dig atmospheric horror this year (even if What We Do In The Shadows did represent in the horror-comedy arena).

Ultimately, Flanagan still wins because his next project, The Fall of the House of Usher, will dive into Edgar Allan Poe and be based upon multiple Poe works, but people are still bummed out. If there can be a zillion (deserved) The White Lotus nominations in the Limited Series categories, why not a little Midnight Mass love? Fans are going ahead and declaring the show a winner no matter what:



You can stream Midnight Mass on Netflix, and the Emmys will air on September 4.