Marvel Has Officially Cast Their Luke Cage

Earlier we’d heard rumors that Marvel had a front-runner for Luke Cage, the star of their upcoming Netflix series about the former Power Man. And the choice was somebody who definitely looked the part, but the role wasn’t his yet.

Now, apparently, it’s official. Mike Colter is cast as Luke Cage, according to Variety, and will be playing off Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones in the upcoming Netflix series. Although, hopefully, the part where Cage does her up the butt will be left out, because we really didn’t need to know about that, Bendis.

As for Colter, he may not be a household name but he knows his way around a set. He’s played drug kingpin Lemond Bishop on The Good Wife, is known to nerds as Locke from the Halo tv series, played David on American Horror Story: Coven, and even survived the CW with Ringer. That said, we’re hoping he doesn’t get stuck saying “Sweet Christmas!” more than once, because not even Daniel Day-Lewis could deliver that and make it work. We’ll find out next year.