Before They Were Stars: Mila Kunis Appeared On 'Baywatch' When She Was 11

08.16.12 7 Comments

Today in “Hey Guess What Celebrities Weren’t Always Famous In Fact In Many Cases They Had Small Roles In Prominent Television Programs From Years Past Before Their Big Break News” (working title), The Daily Mail has unearthed an appearance Mila Kunis made on Baywatch back when she was 11. In the scene (which starts around the 3:30 mark of the video below), young Mila correctly answers a question about tides while on a field trip, then alerts one of the lifeguards after two of her classmates run off and get stuck out in the ocean like a couple of morons. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to break off from the group during a field trip. That’s how you ruin the class’s chance of having a pizza party. It’s all about the long game, people.

Speaking of Baywatch, here’s a thought I had a little while back: How many lives do you think were actually, like, saved because of the show? At one point it was the most-watched program in the world (Guinness put estimates of its viewership at over a billion people per week), and while the vast majority of the audience was tuning in to watch very attractive run very slowly in very tiny swimsuits, I’ve got to believe some viewers also picked up important ocean safety tips in the process. (“Watch out for the undertow, bro. It’s just as dangerous as the waves.”) On the other hand, I’m sure it also resulted in hundreds of idiots thinking they knew how to perform CPR because they saw Carmen Electra pound on some dude’s chest once (“STAND BACK, BROS. I GOT THIS”), so maybe the whole thing is a wash. Some bored academic should really consider doing a study about this. At the very least, it would be a pretty decent excuse to watch episodes of Baywatch at work for a month or two.

Here to help, guys.

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