This ‘Minority Report’ First Look Shows Off New Characters And The Series’ Vision Of The Future

The world Steven Spielberg brought to life for the surprisingly influential and enduring movie Minority Report will be returning to televisions screens soon, so Fox has released a new video primer on the upcoming series. We’ve seen some of the footage featured in this “first look” before, but a lot of it’s new and worth checking out.

The Minority Report TV series takes place a decade after the movie, and stars Stark Sands (Inside Llewyn Davis) as a former precog named Dash who continues to have fragmented visions of future crimes. He returns to the city after years in exile and teams up with a hardass cop played by Meagan Good (Californication, Think Like a Man) to do the only thing anybody does on hour-long network TV shows – SOLVE MURDERS. This first look also reveals that Wilmer Valderrama will be playing a “hard-charging detective” in the show. Yup, Fez as a badass cop. Set your DVRs now.

Like most people in the early 2000s, I thought Minority Report was pretty darn swell, although I’m not sure how well the concept will hold up more than a decade later. Really, it was Spielberg’s slick direction that made the movie, not its incredible concept or writing. That said, people waving their hand around to control floating computer displays is still pretty rad, plus I’ll give anything that regularly beams images of Meagan Good into my eyeballs a chance. Minority Report debuts September 21.

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