A ‘Misfit City’ Series Based On The Hit Graphic Novels Is In The Works Over At HBO Max

If HBO was looking to snag their very own Stranger Things, they might have just found it. According to Deadline, HBO has put into development a television adaptation of the best-selling graphic novel series Misfit City, a thrilling adventure story about a group of five teens, a washed-up old town, and a centuries-old pirate map. Published back in 2017 by BOOM! Studios, the riveting series invokes the same nostalgia that drove folks wild when Netflix’s Stranger Things did it back in 2016 — and with a story this compelling, snagging the rights to a series adaptation could be a major win for HBO:

Smothered by her backwater hometown and frustrated by its 1980s cult-movie fame (The Gloomies… have you seen it? It’s a real classic, y’know.), Wilder is pretty sure she’s seen everything Cannon Cove has to offer. She’s desperate to get away from home as soon as she can, and move on to bigger, better, and less annoying things… even if that might mean leaving her best friends behind. But when Wilder discovers a centuries-old pirate map, she may find out that REAL adventure was in their tiny town all along… and they need each other to get to the bottom of it!

Hannah Hafey and Kaitlin Smith, the writers behind HBO’s Popular are set to serve as the show’s creators and executive producers. However, fans of the comic book series will be delighted to know creators Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith — who’s also done a lot of work in film between writing on Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s the Man, The House Bunny and the Emmy-winning series Trinkets — and her co-creator, Kurt Lustgarten, will also be producing on the HBO series. In addition, BOOM! Studios’ Stephen Christy, Ross Richie, and Mark Ambrose will also executive produce, with Mette Norkjaer co-executive producing.

As of right now, no additional details about the cast or when the show is slated to premiere have been given.