Weekend Box Office: One Smash, One Sleeper And One Bomb

Entertainment Features
11.27.16 12 Comments


In the smash hit category, Disney’s absolutely terrific animated crowd pleaser Moana topped the Thanksgiving weekend box office, grabbing around $80 million for the 5-day Thanksgiving weekend. That’s not quite the $93 million that Frozen fetched on the same weekend three years ago, but it’s good for second or third best Thanksgiving weekend of all time, depending on where it shakes out when final numbers come in (Toy Story 2 grossed $80.1 million on Thanksgiving weekend in 1999). With no other animated fare in the pipeline this month, Moana should continue to put up huge numbers both domestically and internationally. It will soar throughout December based on strong word of mouth and impeccable reviews (it sits at 100 percent among Top Critics on Rotten Tomatoes), and the superb songs of Lin-Manuel Miranda will probably be on heavy rotation throughout the winter. It will almost certainly win the Oscar for Best Animated film, and may even be one of the few animated films to receive a Best Picture Oscar. It’s that good, an almost perfect Disney film.

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