‘Moist’ Is The Classy ‘Wet’: The Best Lines From FXX’s ‘The League’

Last night’s episode of The League, “Credit Card Alert,” pretty much had everything: It had Ali Larter. It had Ali Larter having sex with a hot female basketball coach with a death stare. And … did it even need anything else? OK. Well, there were also vinegar strokes, meat clackers, an Andre wig, and a lesson on cultural unmentionables. Ahead of next week’s double-episode season finale, it was a hell of a great episode.

Let’s check out the best lines:

A. A list of “cultural unmentionables”:

1. That female coaches are lesbians.

2. That NBA players universally cheat on their wives.

3. The way Asians are great at string instruments.

4. Ethiopians are always parking attendants

5. Israelis all deal cell phones

6. Africans have very yellow eyes

7. Eating dinner next to a table of Texans is unbearable

B. C. D. E.

F. G. H. I. J. K. L.