Mom Who Urges Toys R Us Not To Carry ‘Breaking Bad’ Toys May Not Be Completely Insane

When organizations like “One Million Moms” get a bug up their ass about Ryan Murphy shows, Walruses kissing in a Skittles ad, or the alleged beastiality in Geico ads, they give parent advocacy groups a terrible name. For the most part, that’s just straight-up bigotry, intolerance, or stupidity.

But I have to say that, while the Florida mom who has begun a crusade to get Breaking Bad toys off the shelves at Toys R Us probably has much, MUCH better things to do with her time, it’s not a completely insane request, is it? I mean, it’s Toys R Us, which is where I take kids to get Legos and Pokemon cards. While I have zero objections to the fact that they carry the Breaking Bad action figures, it is a little weird to stock characters best known for manufacturing and distributing meth in the aisle next to My Little Pony merch.

“It’s about drugs, you’re selling it in a children’s toy store?” Susan Schrivjer told FOX 4’s Gabrielle Sarann.

It’s what the $17.99 lead characters are dressed and outfitted for that has outraged.

“Knowing those are the items one needs to make meth I just think that it’s wrong.” Schrivjer says.

The Walter White action figure dons a lab coat and comes with two beakers and a gas mask while his accomplice, Jesse Pinkman carries Chili pepper, his own mask and he’s also wearing a hazmat suit.

“Kids mimic their action figures, if you will.” Schrivjer tells FOX 4 “Do you want your child in an orange jumpsuit?”

I’m not COMPLETELY unsympathetic, but kids aren’t going to mimic action figures if they don’t know what those action figures are. There aren’t a lot of 10 year old kids screaming, “Mommy! Mommy! Will you buy me the Jesse Pinkman action figure, bitch!?” If you don’t expose them to the TV show, they’re probably going to be completely blind to these action figures in the stores, and certainly not going to buy them and emulate the characters, and if they do, you are a terrible parent!

Besides, Darth Vader toys are in every Toys R Us in America, and that bastard was a genocidal maniac. In the grand scheme of things, Walter White is a better role model than Vader; at least White had his family’s interest at heart. Darth Vader never tried to save up money to ensure that Luke Skywalker had a decent future and a proper education after he passed, did he?