Watch A Mormon PSA That Compares Masturbators To Wounded Soldiers

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02.02.14 34 Comments

anti masturbation

We all know masturbation is bad for us. That’s a tough life lesson we learned from Ricky’s mom. But just how bad is it? Well, imagine you’re in The Great War, except instead of using bandages to cover your bloody wounds, you’ve got a tissue box on your nightstand, to clean up a different type of liquid.

That’s the message of a PSA commissioned by GOD (and Mormons). The voice-over sounds straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie, “The temptations of the great war are many, the battles are real, and the enemy is clever. The enemy is cruel, ruthless, and relentless. We must not underestimate the danger. We must be vigilant and valiant,” a Lord of the Rings movie about masturbating. (The Lord of the C*ck Rings?)

Don’t be silent. Don’t leave the wounded on the battlefield. Don’t look at porn with the door open.

Via Death and Taxes

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