Elliot Faces Some Tough Questions In This First Look At The Final Season Of ‘Mr. Robot’

After months of speculation about whether the next season of Sam Esmail’s brilliant series Mr. Robot would be its last, the USA Network finally confirmed as much last summer. Despite this news, though, very little is known about whatever next steps Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) and company will be taking in their reign of digital terror against corporate America. Hell, not even the brief first look that dropped on YouTube on Wednesday offers us any clues.

“I wonder how many people you’ve had to hurt to get what you want,” an offscreen character asks Elliot. “How many has it been, Elliot? How many people have had to suffer because of you? Was it worth it?”

He acknowledges his questioner briefly, but the young vigilante hacker never answers her. He doesn’t say anything at all. He simply looks around the room in the character’s trademark manner, combining his evident social neuroses and discomfort with the fact that he’s also competing with delusions like Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) himself.

It’s a rather moody clip that, aside from displaying Emmy and Oscar-winner Malek’s great face acting in a single take, confirms Esmail’s recent comments about the final season being “one very long Christmas special.” (There is some holiday tinsel and lighting on the wall behind Elliot.) Otherwise, it offers viewers next to nothing in terms of details or what to expect. So, we continue to wait.