The ‘Mr. Robot’ Season One Gag Reel Has Dancing And Farting

Mr. Robot is a heavy (and great) show. In the first 10 episodes, there were hackers, strangulations, drug overdoses, dead women in trunks, and that one Pixies song that was in every television show in 2015. For every dark drug trip, there was maybe one joke, but on the set, Rami Malek, Christian Slater, and the rest of the cast found time to cut back, cut loose, and cut the cheese.

The season one gag reel was just released, and it’s the opposite of the gloomy drama. Malek dances, Carly Chaikin asks questions about her butt and has trouble opening doors, and Slater genuinely seems like the best person to work with. Except for when you’re locked in a car with him. Not only do his farts “smell like absolute hell,” he also denies that he supplies it.

That should be the plot for Mr. Robot season two: fsociety (fartsociety) solving the mystery of why Christian Slater lies about his farts.

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