Mr. T Is Getting His Own Home Improvement Show Entitled ‘I Pity The Tool’

Mr T
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In an ongoing effort to capitalize on our love of all things nostalgia, HGTV and the DIY Network have been handing out shows to fallen stars of the ’80s and ’90s. While forgotten actors and music artists getting reality shows is nothing new, what makes these shows unique is that they feature these C-listers repairing and renovating homes. Vanilla Ice, William Shatner, Jennie Garth and Bronson Pinchot have their respective Projects, while Daryl Hall hosts Restoration Over-Hall (get it?) and Rev. Run has his Renovation. Bottom line: If you are a generally likable, slightly famous person, and you’re willing to at least pretend that you can fix things, you can have a paycheck.

The latest celebrity to get his own renovation series, though, is probably taking the cake in terms of title. According to THR, Mr. T has signed a straight-to-series order for – and this seems to be 100 percent serious and not an April Fool’s prank released two weeks early – I Pity the Tool. And people wonder why I love the DIY Network so much.

The show — which landed a straight-to-series order at the network — will see Mr. T and his famed Mohawk destroying outdated spaces to give families beautifully remodeled rooms. Each episode of the series will see Mr. T and his team — including HGTV Design Star winner and interior designer Tiffany Brooks break down walls and tear out old rooms to give a family a home makeover. (Via THR)

Just a reminder to HGTV and DIY, as well as the Food Network and startups like FYI, I have a ton of ideas for shows like this. I’m still very confident that we can get Paula Cole to host the sandwich series Where Have All the Po’Boys Gone? and the brothers Nelson to star in Love and Confection. Help me help you, niche networks.