MTV2 Commercial Mashes Up 'Saved by the Bell' and Wu-Tang's 'Bring Da Ruckus'

As if stacking rappers on top of each other 3×3 and asking them innuendo-laden questions about topics like pop culture, food, and the animal kingdom on a show called “Hip Hop Squares” wasn’t enough to win my heart forever, MTV2 has also been running old episodes of “Saved by the Bell” during the day, and promoting them by mashing up the scene where Zack and Slater fight with the Wu-Tang Clan classic “Bring Da Ruckus.” I’m gonna go right ahead and stamp a big red “APPROVED” on all of these decisions. Strong work out there, boys. Drinks are on me. I’m not exactly sure what your end game is here, since these decisions appear to be marketed towards me and me alone, and there is no way I can support your network by myself, but I certainly do appreciate the gesture.

Kapowski GIF? Kapowski GIF.

Big ups to Chet Manley for the tip