‘Mythbusters’ Is Coming Back With A ‘Star Wars’ Themed Episode

You know how when you’re watching The Empire Strikes Back and Han Solo cuts open the tauntaun to save Luke’s life as he’s suffering from hypothermia, and your friend is always like, “Bro, that wouldn’t work, I’ve totally done that before”? Well, thanks to the folks at Mythbusters, we may soon find out if sleeping inside a giant animal would actually keep us warm or if it would just smell like farts and make us violently ill, because everyone’s favorite show of experiments in the name of truth returns on January 4 with a very special Star Wars-themed episode.

While this trailer doesn’t reveal too many of the details, we know that they’re at least going to determine whether or not the Ewoks could have actually disabled an AT-ST by smashing it with two giant logs on ropes. I, for one, have been losing a lot of sleep over that scene for the last 30 years.