‘Naked Attraction,’ The U.K.’s Most Notorious And Full Frontal Dating Show, Has Been Quietly Added To Max

We live in a golden age of outside-the-box dating shows. Love is Blind. FBoy Island. Dated & Related. But did you know about Naked Attraction? It’s the U.K.’s most notorious dating show and you can probably guess its hook from the title: It’s got full frontal nudity. It’s been airing on Channel 4 since 2016, and now, finally, it’s been quietly added to the streamer once known as HBO Max.

The Hollywood Reporter picked up on the Max addition, describing the premise thusly:

The streamer has imported six seasons of Naked Attraction, a game show that promises to “start where a good date often ends — naked.” In each episode, a single “chooser” critiques and eliminates six potential dates standing on a stage by scrutinizing their fully nude bodies, which are gradually revealed one part at a time (faces are revealed last). When only two potential dates remain, the chooser strips out of their own clothes too, giving the remaining two contestants the opportunity to critique them. The final couple then go out on a date, with their clothes on.

The cliché has it that the British are prudish, unlike loosey goosey Americans, but maybe it’s the other way around. The show goes full-on with the full frontal (and backal), and the naughty bits have not been censored for Yanks. Nor do contestants hold back. There’s a ton of body judging, with contestants making comments such as “I don’t like her feet” and “His member is too small.”

All six seasons/series of Naked Attraction that have aired thus far are now available to American Max subscribers, so go at it, if you dare. You can watch a censored version of the trailer in the video above.

(Via THR)