Nancy Grace Predictably Comes Out In Favor Of Steven Avery’s ‘Making A Murderer’ Guilt

If you are among the legions who inhaled Netflix’s Making a Murderer, you finally have something in common with Nancy Grace. The HLN talking head interviewed Steven Avery in 2005 while he was under investigation for the murder of Teresa Halbach. At the time, Avery claimed, “They set me up bad.” Grace, who rarely believes anyone is innocent, didn’t stand for Avery’s explanations, and she hasn’t changed her mind after binge watching Netflix’s docuseries.

During a Wednesday CNN appearance, Grace ran through a series of Nancy Grace-esque reasons why she still believes in Avery’s guilt, but this discussion boiled down to one alleged non sequitur. In response to whether Avery didn’t know his legal rights due to his lack of education (thereby allowing police to search his property without the presence of an attorney), Grace said that none of that matters:

“Are you suggesting that because they don’t have a law degree that he can’t commit a murder? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s a non sequitur. That does not follow. Maybe he doesn’t have a law degree. Maybe he didn’t go to college. But he darn well could commit a murder, and of course his family believes in him. “

Grace also believes Netflix performed a “miscarriage of justice” because (in her words) it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Avery’s guilt except for the jury that convicted him. In addition, Grace spoke out on her own show last night to express disgust with how so many people are piling on the White House Petition to free the Making a Murder convicts.

Twitter isn’t terribly impressed with Grace’s thoughts on the subject. This is pretty much the consensus on the relevance of Grace’s opinions.