Natalie Dormer: Men On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Are Objectified As Much As Women

When/if George R.R. Martin finally throws in the towel on finishing The Winds of Winter, his next project could be a collection of Game of Thrones think pieces, arguing whether the show is empowering or demeaning to women. The latest in a long line of hot takes comes from Queen Margaery herself, Natalie Dormer, who believes that Game of Thrones objectifies men as much as it does women, despite Anna Kendrick’s insistence to the contrary.

“My personal experience has been to work on phenomenal jobs in which the men are objectified as much as the women,” she said. “Actors suffer from it, too…It’s a visual medium, so to a certain extent you get judged on the way you look.” (Via)

In a separate interview with the Telegraph, Dormer added, “I think sex and romance is a huge part of human motivation. So long as it’s informing the story then I don’t see what the problem is.” The problem, some might say, is that the women on the show are being objectified in the service of men (like Ramsay sending Myranda and Violet to seduce Theon), while the guys are just allowed to be shirtless and sexy. But I’m not one of the “some,” because I don’t want to be in Martin’s Game of Think Pieces. Nope, save me for when he needs someone to kill Ramsay.

(Via the Guardian)