Natalie Portman Reprises Her Role As Jackie Kennedy To Give Melania Trump Some Helpful Advice On ‘SNL’

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SNL decided to imagine the night of the State of the Union address as a sort of Christmas Carol situation for Melania Trump. The current First Lady is visited by the ghosts of past First Ladies, giving the show the excuse to have Natalie Portman reprise her role as Jackie Kennedy, complete with the accent. While it isn’t the return most were anticipating during Portman’s SNL appearance, following her second rap and her wild Boston accent in the opening sketch, it is still top notch.

Joining Jackie and Melania are Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, Aidy Bryant as Martha Washington with her ax, and Leslie Jones as Michelle Obama. Missing seems to the be the true First Lady, Ivanka Trump. This is something Melania realizes pretty quick after a quick chat, though the ghosts still manage to talk her into attending the speech despite her feelings.

Finally, in typical ghost fashion — though how Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton ended up being spirits is a little silly — they all team up to rob the place. You just can’t trust a ghost, especially if they used to live in the house before you. They just think they own the place with their chains and their tattered clothes.

(Via SNL)

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