Nathan Fielder Worries He’ll Spoil His Appearance On ‘Conan,’ So He Brings Susan Sarandon As A Backup

Nathan Fielder took quite a break between seasons three and four of Nathan For You, but the slight delay was worth it. The retrospective special that kicked off the season was a fine refresher for what has come before, including the return of private investigator Brian Wolfe and his pornographic past. Then this season played a trick of sorts of late night television by concocting a story to tell while sitting on the comfy chairs, with the goal being the perfect late night story possible.

So he went about crafting his tale, doing just enough to ensure that his story was somewhat true like obtaining some parts of someone’s mother to have her ashes, paying a cop to pull him over, and finding a suit large enough to sell the ridiculousness of the tale. The best part, it worked and he went on Jimmy Kimmel Live without any hint that things we’re planned and executed as a bit for the show. It’s not Dumb Starbucks, but it is pretty darn close.

He told Seth Meyers about it after the episode aired, attempting to tell the same story once again with far different results. So with the bubble burst, he drops by Conan and is told he can’t tell the story a third time. That means Fielder is forced to talk about his own personal life and things are in uncharted territory, something he feels might be a bit too risky.

To solve this and at least create a safety net, Fielder brings out a back up guest for Conan to switch to if things get too boring or hit a rough patch. Using his amazing booker, far better than Conan’s booker, the Comedy Central star landed Susan Sarandon as his backup and she took the seat beside him as he went on with his story about his cats. What follows is comedy gold and around 6 minutes of Nathan talking about his cats, introducing his clip, and then sending Susan Sarandon on her way when he was finished.

Yeah, it gets screwed up because they show the backup clip and not a clip from Nathan For You, but it was still a great effort.

(Via Team Coco)