Watch A Deadpanning Nathan Fielder Explain All Things Dumb Starbucks To Jimmy Kimmel

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02.12.14 6 Comments

It all made sense when we found out that Nathan Fielder — the prank genius behind Nathan for Youis the mastermind behind the Dumb Starbucks store that had the internet abuzz over the weekend. And last night he dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to answer questions (as only he can) about all things Dumb Starbucks.

In case you’re wondering after reading Danger’s riveting legal analysis of the situation, Fielder is in fact going the “parody protection” route when it comes to Starbucks taking legal action. The California Health Department is actually his largest obstacle at the moment, as they aren’t loving his “this is an art gallery and the coffee we’re selling is art” line of defense for not having any of the appropriate permits.

But you should really get all this news in full deadpan form from Fielder himself. Man will it be a shame if regular Starbucks losing a customer for life.

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