The Workout Book From ‘Nathan For You’ Is Now A Bestseller On Amazon

If you watched Thursday’s Nathan For You, you were a witness to one of the greatest episodes and business opportunities of all time, The Movement. It all started with something that many business owners have scoured for over the years — free labor. Nathan Fielder set out to make a small LA moving company’s dreams come true, and his method for doing so was turning the chore of moving someone into the newest, hippest workout in town.

From there, the plan continued to add layers and get more intricate, including the need for some help from private investigator / former adult entertainment model Brian Wolfe, a very private private gym in a storage locker and a ghostwritten exercise book:

And the interesting thing to come out of it is that now The Movement is a top seller on Amazon:

As you can see from some of the excerpts and cover below, it’s hard not to love this book. It’s full of wisdom and gritty reality. Just the kind you need to get people motivated into melting the fat from their bodies with a very cathartic workout:

Also, for those who don’t think Fielder has that attention to detail needed to either create a functional business or a genius half-hour comedy show, check out the newspaper they used for the “before” photo on the back of the book:

Fielder stands by the workout and you should, too. If anything, the book is worth a look for a laugh. Check out the excerpt over here.

(Via Nathan Fielder/ The AV Club)