NBC Threatened To Reboot ‘Alf’ If Their ‘Coach’ Revival Series Does Well

Reboots on reboots on reboots, that is pretty much the state of both film & television today. During their press day at the TCAs on Thursday, NBC doubled down on that concept by promising a return of Alf to the small-screen if their upcoming Coach revival series does well with viewers:

“It’s not a direct kind of reboot,” Greenblatt said, indicating that we will be spared having to see a new actor attempt to channel Craig T. Nelson when hollering “DAU-BER!” “It’s a picking up and it’s an extended family and Hayden is a grandfather, and a father-and-son story.” Perhaps sensing a palpable sense of disengagement wash across the room, Greenblatt then punctuated that plot synopsis with a grim prophecy, declaring, “And if that works, then ALF: The Series is next.”

The thought of the return of that lovable cat eating alien might be jarring to some folks, but NBC isn’t flinching at your disgust (excitement). Instead, Greenblatt used that as a springboard into talking about the David Duchovny-starring Aquarius and its second season renewal, saying, “I’m never going to apologize for renewing a show that I think is creatively superb.”

What about apologizing for canceling one? *cough* Hannibal *cough*

(Via Deadline)