‘Constantine’ Is Halting Production, But It’s Not Dead Yet

Things were really looking up for Constantine. (Note the past tense.) The show was up 38% in the ratings last Friday among adults aged 18 to 49 in live viewing and same-day streaming. The show has also been burning up in DVR viewings; it’s been rising 81% in viewings up to 3 days after airing. A marathon of Constantine re-runs aired on SyFy this weekend, and members of the cast are going to appear on NBC’s broadcast of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this week.

Yet with all of those positive signs, Deadline reports NBC is halting production after 13 episodes.

The cast and crew of the series were informed on Friday that the series will halt production after completing production on the initial 13-episode order. Constantine will remain in its 10 PM Friday time slot for the remainder of its run. […] It is not clear what NBC will air in the Friday 10 PM time period after Constantine‘s run is over, though previous slot occupant Hannibal, which has been renewed for a third season, is considered a strong possibility.

This doesn’t mean Constantine has been outright cancelled. The show is still in contention to be picked up for a second season, depending on how this first season shakes out in the ratings. As we’ve said in our review of the pilot, Constantine deserves a chance to show us what it can do. Whether that chance consists of just one season or more than one remains to be seen. All this waiting around to find out is enough to drive a man to smoke.