NBC Decides They Like This Dane Cook Guy After All

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12.15.12 4 Comments

NBC’s relationship with Dane Cook makes about as much sense as the sentence “please, sir, you have to wear an unpopped polo shirt inside Denny’s” does to a frat bro, which, coincidentally, is Dane Cook’s target demographic. First, they signed the comedian to a development deal, then they gave a pilot order to Next Caller, then they shut down production for Next Caller, but now they’re going to try again, pretending that whole cancellation thing “never happened,” two words those same frat bros are all too familiar with.

NBC Entertainment and sibling studio Universal Television, which co-produced Next Caller with Lionsgate TV, have inked a new deal with the actor-comedian to develop a new starring vehicle for him. Cook’s casting in Next Caller stemmed from a development deal he signed with NBC last fall. Although NBC brass didn’t like the creative direction of the show, which led to its demise four episodes into production, they liked Cook — who starred as a foul-mouthed satellite radio DJ forced to share the mic with a chipper NPR feminist (Collette Wolfe) — and wanted to keep him in the fold. “Dane Cook is one of the most talented comedians working today,” said NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke. (Via)

To be fair to Salke, she did say “one” of the most. Anyway, this, my friends, is the future of NBC, where date rape jokes, asides about bitches and dudes, and Matthew Perry’s face roam free, unencumbered with the pressures of trying to become the next Community or Parks and Recreation. It’s the new normal.

(Via Deadline)

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