NBC Is The Proud Owner Of Websites Like LuvInABarnyard.org And Crotcheteria.com

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One of my favorite supercuts ever was the one that crammed a bunch of the ridiculous websites from Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU into four minutes of “Rack Menagerie” and “Luscious Grape” related magic, so this delights me to almost no end: NBC actually has to register all the URLs they use on their shows. This means that URLs like NiceBooby.net and Crotcheteria.com and Luvinabarnyard.org all redirect to NBC’s official site, NBC.com.

Gizmodo uncovered this treasure trove of information, as well as a selection of other sites a poor NBC employee named Christopher Williams was forced to register under his own name. A sampling:

  • Cocoajuggs.com
  • Prisonmate.net
  • Sexyhotmail.com
  • Upyourbutt.net
  • Ironkitten.com
  • Forgoodcompany.com
  • Fetishmanor.net
  • Cyberlovers.net
  • Babesbeingbad.net
  • Animalloveclub.com
  • E-zdate.com
  • Cindysecret.com

My favorite part about all this is that there’s a dude who goes to work at 30 Rockefeller Plaza everyday whose job is to enter horrifying URLs into search bars on his computer to see if they’re available. Think about that. And then think about the fact that a lot of those were probably second or third choices because the ones they originally wanted were taken. I refuse to look up the .com version of LuvInABarnyard, but I will say that no one jumps straight to .org.

My second favorite thing about this is that there’s probably someone out there who does Avengers cosplay with his or her cats and is FURIOUS that IronKitten.com is taken.

Source: Gizmodo

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