Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Thrilled Trevor Noah Fixed The Biggest Problem With ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah: One down, ??? to go. The first episode of the “new” Daily Show was a promising success, with Noah delivering a “humorous and touching” opening and the New York Times comparing his debut to a “sleeker, fresher, and redesigned” iPhone, in that “it still does essentially the same thing.”

But the most glowing review came from frequent Daily Show guest/nerd king Neil deGrasse Tyson, who tweeted that the program fixed its biggest problem.

DeGrasse Tyson memorably called out Jon Stewart and the Daily Show graphics department for showing the globe going the wrong way in the Bob Mould-scored credits. No one got fired for that blunder, but a new opening was used the next time everyone’s second favorite astrophysicist (after Professor Henry Newman from Wet Hot American Summer) appeared on the show. And then deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye explained why we get horny, and I wanted to leave this planet, no matter which way it spins. Mars seems nice.