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Hey, not every Photoshop is a winner.

This sounds weird, because we’re used to seeing Neil Patrick Harris win us over with his infectious portrayals of a womanizing businessman, a depraved version of himself, a pubescent doctor, or a gay host of the Tony Awards, but the man known as NPH will tape a pilot as the host of an Americanized version of the UK game show “The Cube” for CBS. What’s “The Cube,” you ask?

The contestant might complete a series of simple tasks like flicking a ball into a bucket of water or counting a number of squares in a certain amount of time in order to move up a money ladder, all of which take place in a glass cube…

The simple tasks, however, are anything but. Time is extremely short and… the whole game is monitored by a Saw-like ominous voice… who taunts the contestants into completing what seem to be a relatively easy game but remains serious and almost mechanical when they fail them. The Cube becomes its own character, giving you a villain that you can really hate. It’s basically Master Control from Tron with a Douchebag 2.0 upgrade. [TV Squad]

Hmm. Sounds all right, I guess. And the clip I watched was okay. But I think it would be better if NPH was the one to taunt contestants. In fact, I’d watch an entire show based around NPH taunting people. It wouldn’t even have to be a game show.

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