Neil Patrick Harris Supported The Ending Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ And Would Happily Still Bang Your Mom

I should preface this by saying that Neil Patrick Harris probably won’t bang your mom, but his character still might. That seems to be a running problem these days, so I thought I would clear it up immediately. He also might not actually tell you to get f*cked, but I’ll gladly do it for him.

Harris took a break from starring in Hedwig And The Angry Inch to stop by Letterman and talk a bit about How I Met Your Mother‘s controversial ending. An ending he supported from the very beginning, attacking the notion that a character must change and grow for a story to be worth anything.

It’s fine, but things have always ran a little different in sitcom world. Woody from Cheers was always a lovable idiot, Tim Taylor rarely grew a single inch throughout the entirety of Home Improvement, and who knows where Sheldon Cooper is going at the end of The Big Bang Theory. Hopefully the morgue.

All of that said, I hated How I Met Your Mother by the end and I feel that I’m better off for having ditched it. No one has yet to edit together an ending that would satisfy my desire for a pound of flesh. Where’s my bloodbath wedding?

(Via The Late Show)