Neil Patrick Harris’s ‘Empire State Of Mind’ Tony Awards Closing Number Did Not Disappoint

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06.10.13 5 Comments

Not content to have his incredible opening number be the only you remembered about the Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris — with the assistance of Audra McDonald — closed down the show by setting the night’s events to “Empire State of Mind” and confirming what a magnificent son of a b*tch he is, working in almost all the names of the night’s winners into his rhymes. Not exactly something that is easily rehearsed beforehand.

I, of course, didn’t catch either number in real time, but NPH was on top that as well, clearly addressing me individually. Seriously though, I can’t second Burnsy enough. NPH and/or Fey-Poehler for all the awards shows.

Audra McDonald mic drop for good measure:

Via YouTube. GIF via Brooklyn Mutt.

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