Of Course Someone Found A ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Easter Egg In ‘Game Of Thrones’

The only surprising thing about the king of the nerds finding a Lord of the Rings prop in Game of Thrones is that it took this long for someone to notice. On the ASOIAF subreddit, NoMoreHodoring uploaded a photo of Joffrey sitting on the Iron Throne with the caption, “Is that Gandalf’s sword?”

The responses range from…

directly to the right of that seems to be the Robin of Locksley hilt also! I guess they rounded up any sword/replica they could get their hands on to build that thing. still cool.


Definitely looks exactly like Glamdring. Good find.



You can never silence the Hodor. Meanwhile, if you watch episodes nine and fourteen of Game of Thrones while also playing side two of Led Zeppelin III, you’ll hear a hidden recipe for PO-TAY-TOES Pie.

Via Reddit