The New Netflix Sketch Show From Bob Odenkirk And David Cross Has A Teaser And Premiere Date

Back in April, Netflix announced that it had picked up a four-episode run of a new sketch series from Bob Odenkirk and David Cross titled W/ Bob & David. This was, and is, excellent news, because Odenkirk and Cross created Mr. Show, and Mr. Show was, and is, awesome. And today, Netflix rolled out this teaser and announced the show’s premiere date, November 13. This is also excellent news, even though November 13 is very far away.

If you’re concerned all the uses of “excellent” may be overselling the show, allow me to direct your attention to this passage from the recent Vanity Fair profile “Mr. Show Rides Again” (which you should definitely read)…

They decided David would take on the role of a “digital soothsayer” named James Shangwell, who goes by Shangy, and who has two brothers who fill in for him when he can’t fit a personal appearance into his busy schedule. David is also Shangy Two, Rick Shangwell, an oncologist at Sloan Kettering who was working on a non-invasive treatment for prostate cancer before realizing that impersonating his younger brother was much easier and far more lucrative, so he mostly does that now. Bob, sporting a feathered mullet wig, severely broken nose, and blue squeaking clown shoes, plays the oldest brother (Shangy Three), George, a dim-witted former roofer with a speech impediment from falling off a roof a couple of times and biting his tongue (hence the slurring).

Playing his brother is a pretty sweet deal for George because all he has to do is say the word “digital” a few times and he’s golden. In a pre-tape already shot, Shangy Three fills in at a conference in Russia. After being introduced to a large crowd by Vladimir Putin, he says “digital” enough times and then takes a sledgehammer to a watermelon, sending hunks flying at the movers and shakers sitting up front, much to their delight.

… as well as a plethora of old Mr. Show sketches on YouTube, like this one…

… and this one…

… and this one.

Excellent, indeed.