Netflix Has Snapped Up A New Animated Property They’d Like You Binge Watch

Netflix has revealed their latest attempt to suck all those valuable hours out of your day. To be fair, you were going to waste them on exercise or books.

Variety reports that Netflix has given the green light to the Australian animated cop comedy Pacific Heat. (Yes, we think that promotional image looks an awful lot like a slightly irregular Archer, too.) The new series has scored a 13-episode order from Netflix, as well as a traditional TV deal in Australia.

What does Pacific Heat bring to the table for viewers? Is it an incredibly unlikely sequel series to Pacific Blue? Variety has a helpful description that should clear some of the mystery up:

Pacific Heat follows the exploits of a dynamic unit of undercover police investigators working on the glitzy Gold Coast of Australia. The glamorous, sophisticated and sun-drenched paradise masks a hot-bed of crime — everyone from drug smugglers and biker gangs to eco-terrorists and the person who invented frozen yogurt — and in order to tackle this seedy underbelly, police established a covert squad of highly-trained operatives, known as Pacific Heat. When criminals strike, the squad will be there in an unconventional and uncompromising manner, and not afraid to operate outside the law — provided at least one of them is wearing a fluorescent safety vest.

The series, slated to debut on December 2, is being positioned as a cop show satire. Pacific Heat co-creator Rob Sitch likens the tone to “The A-Team, Hawaii Five-0 and Charlie’s Angels.”

Does Pacific Heat tickle your fancy in this early form? Forecast your viewing likelihood in the comments.

(Via Variety)