Has This Website Cracked The Code For Searching Through Netflix’s Library?


Netflix Streaming is a fantastic product, and it’s one of the reasons why the internet is so damn yummy. But, for those — like myself — who crave buckets of binge, we just wish there was a smarter, easier way to find the TV and film titles that we can queue. It’s a difficult task at times, especially if you use a home video game console (again, like myself), where the rows of titles are based on your viewing habits, making it damn near impossible to venture outside of your comfort zone for some obscure affair. There are some tricks that can get you closer to the shows and movies you’d like to watch, but now there’s a brilliant site that can help you sift your way through Netflix’s library.

Flixed ( is a Netflix search engine site that is easy to navigate, with sections dedicated to the newest titles, most popular titles, and a search bar with filters. The universal site can be used no matter what your region is, and handy icons in the top left of each entry will show you whether that title is available in your version of Netflix. Clicking on a film or TV show brings up a sleek page that shows IMDB scores, reviews from Metacritic contributors, cast info, a trailer, and even the year it was released. A “Watch Now” button automatically brings up the title in Netflix, so you don’t have to have two windows open.

The best part about Flixed is its simplicity — that’s what us bingers want. So, check it out and start queuing up French, art house films for the ’70s.

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