‘Sense8’ Has Been Renewed By Netflix For A Second Season

When Netflix’s Sense8 premiered earlier this summer, the sci-fi series left many people wondering what the heck was going on. The program is definitely unlike any other show on television.

While many have been left confused regarding the lack of conventional story structure, pacing, and even aesthetic continuity in the program, Netflix has found value in the beautiful looking series and took to Twitter on Friday to announce Sense8 will be returning for a second season:

At Netflix’s panel at the TCAs last week , J. Michael Straczynski — who created the show along with the Wachowskis — expressed cautious optimism regarding a possible renewal. During their press day, he gave credit to the fans of the series as their reaction has been “overwhelming” and, given the nature of the above tweet, probably contributed big time to Netflix’s decision in ordering more episodes.

There are no details yet regarding a premiere date for the new season but, given the Wachowski’s 5-season plan for the series, it’s probably a safe bet to expect new episodes of Sense8 to hit Netflix sometime in 2016.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter and The Verge)