New ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Include A Cowgirl And A ‘Chicken Enthusiast’

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 20
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Buckle in, ladies and gents, because the new season of The Bachelor starts in just under a month, and ABC has released the names and occupations of the 28 young ladies who will be vying for the heart of new bachelor Ben Higgins. As you may be aware, Higgins previously made it to third place on the last season of The Bachelorette featuring Chris Soules’ castoff Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Unfortunately we don’t have photos or bios yet — so we’ll have to wait to find out which ones are terrified of diarrhea — but judging by some of these occupations, this could be shaping up to be quite the interesting season, indeed. EW has the full list which includes the usual bartenders, teachers and real-estate agents, and here’s just a sampling of some of the ladies’ professions for the upcoming season:

Amanda, 25, esthetician, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Breanne, 30, nutritional therapist, Seattle, Washington
Caila, 23, software sales representative, Hudson, Ohio
Emily, 22, twin, Las Vegas, Nevada
Haley, 22, twin, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jackie, 23, gerontologist, San Francisco, California
Jessica, 23, accountant, Boca Raton, Florida
Joelle “Jo Jo,” 24, real-estate developer, Dallas, Texas
Jubilee, 24, war veteran, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lauren “LB,” 23, fashion buyer, Stillwater, Oklahoma
Maegan, 30, cowgirl, Weatherford, Texas
Olivia, 23, news anchor, Austin, Texas
Shushanna, 27, mathematician, Salt Lake City, Utah
Tiara, 26, chicken enthusiast, Redmond, Washington

So… Basically Gonzo from The Muppets in drag? And why is it that I find a chicken enthusiast Bachelor contestant to be infinitely more believable than a mathematician? (Additionally, I have no idea what a gerontologist is and a Google search did nothing to change that.) New season starts Jan. 4 — giddy-up!

(Via Entertainment Weekly)