‘It’s Always Sunny’ And ‘The League’ To Move To A New Network. Kind Of.

This is bizarre, and the first I’ve heard of it, but according to Broadcasting and Cable, the FX Network is expected to be spit into two. There will be the FX Network, which we know and love and will continue to feature dramas like Sons of Anarchy and Justified, and then there will be FXX, a new comedy channel targeted toward millennials, which will feature It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpia and The League, in addition — presumably — to the 90 episodes of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management that will air every week for the next two years. The move is expected to be made as soon as September, when FXX will roll out to 75 million subscribers. In addition, each channel would be programmed with appropriate theatrical movies that the network has been stockpiling in deals with major movie studios over the years.

FX has not made the move official, and the only comment they have made so far is that company is always examining its programming options. Presumably, the 75 million subscribers would come from Fox Soccer, which would be converted into the comedy network. The deal is not completely unique: TBS and TNT made a similar split, while AMC and IFC are owned by the same company but program their movies to different target audiences.

I’m OK with the move, as long as two conditions are met: 1) That I am one of the 75 million subscribers (I have no idea if I have Fox Soccer or not, nor do most, I imagine), and 2) As long as John Landgraf — the current president of FX — continues to program the comedy channel, as well. That guy is the best network president on the planet.

(Source: Broadcasting and Cable)